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WE ARE GRANNIES WHO LIKE TO TRAVEL. We take all opportunities to learn, travel, see, do and meet many interesting people. We leave our complaints, aches and pains at home and pack SMILES, LAUGHTER AND CURIOSITY. We have flexibility in all situations, because that’s why we travel— to enjoy new and different experiences in our lives. We don’t sweat the small stuff because at our stage of life, we know it’s all small stuff.

In the fall of 1995, when three of us found ourselves alone after many years of marriage, we decided we had to take control of our lives and have the courage to begin again in different directions, on our own. Since we all liked to travel, it seemed natural to join together--after all, singles in a couples’ world was not what we wanted. We wanted to travel by ourselves without fear in a safe, comfortable environment. We had so much fun together, and we wanted to share it with others who like to travel and had the same interests as we did. Therefore, we organized in 1997 as the Global Grannies. Our membership continues to grow as we are recognized throughout the Mountain States and in the Travel Industry.

Global Grannies Founded in Billings, MT