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Please call the 406-652-4311 if you would like to purchase any items from our Boutique.  Many of these tems are also for sale at our annual conventions!!!

  • Additional Official White T-Shirt                    $13
  • Additional Official White T-Shirt 2X                 15                                                                 
  • Additional Official White T-Shirt 3X                 17
  • Black or White Long Sleeve T-Shirt                16
  • Black or White Long Sleeve T-Shirt 2X           17
  • Black Cardigan Jacket w/G.G. Logo                30
  • Black Cardigan Jacket w/G.G. Logo XL           34
  • Black Cardigan Jacket w/G.G. Logo 2X           35
  • Denim Shirt with G.G. Logo                              26
  • Denim Shirt with G.G. Logo 2X                         28
  • G.G. Collared Shirt White or Black                    23
  • G.G. Collared Shirt White or Black 2X               25 
  • Water Bottle Holder                                             2
  • G.G. Slipper Sox                                                  3
  • G.G. Leopard Print Tote Bag                               2
  • License Plate Frame                                            2





Our founders ask that any items with the Global Grannies logo that are not longer wanted or need please be returned to them.  -Thank You!

The 2017 Directories are finished and for sale for $6.00.  If you would like one please mail a check to the office and we will send one right out!